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Bit - The smallest piece of digital information understood by computers. Bandwidth - The rate information travels from one place to another either inside a computer or between computers. Bandwidth is usually measured in bits per second, kilobits thousands of bits per second, or megabits millions of bits per second. Blocking software - A computer program that allows parents, teachers, or guardians to "block" access to certain Web sites and other information available over the internet.


LAN- Local Area Network - A network of connected computers that are generally located near each other, such as in an office or company.

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ISP - Internet Service Provider - A company that sells access to the internetmost often through a local phone. You can find discussion groups, also referred to as "discussion boards," for almost any topic. For example, an ISP might be called a gateway to the internet ; also a hardware device that connects chxt local network to the internet. Monitoring software - A type of software product that allows a parent or caretaker to monitor computere Web sites or e-mail messages that visits or re, without necessarily blocking access.

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Modems come in different speeds: The higher the speed, the faster the data are transmitted. Chat- A feature of online services or Web sites that allows participants to "talk" by typing messages that everyone can read at the same time. The universal icon for attachments is a paper clip.

Computers chat rooms

The server "tells" your comphters where to put the cookie on the server. ISPs are usually distinguished from commercial serviceswhich link to the internet but also offer additional services, such as content and chat, only available to their subscribers. Intranet - A private network that works like the internetexcept that it can only be seen by a select group of people, such as the employees of a company.

Computers chat rooms

Netiquette - The rules of cyberspace civility. You just click on the link to go to another Web or another place on the same. All new messages go into your Inbox, unless you have filters set up we will not be discussing filters in this book.

Besides providing access to the internet, commercial services have lots of content, games, and chat rooms that are available only to members. These connections are usually used for voice but can also carry data between facsimile machines and computers via a modem. There are many differences between all the major programs, however there are some things that are standard.

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Blocking software - A computer program that allows parents, teachers, or guardians to "block" access to certain Web sites and other information available over the internet. Flaming - Sending a nasty piece of e-mail or posting a nasty comment in a newsgroup or discussion groupusually in response to a posting that offended someone. Please contact the server administrator, nag muohio.

Computers chat rooms

Many IM programs now let you talk with the people while chatting or even see them! Mouse - A small device attached to your computer by a cord, which lets you give commands to the computer by clicking the device. Here's how it works: The participant enters the chat room, types a message on his or her computer, and sends it; and it is instantly displayed on the screens of the other users in the chat room. Also there can be file limits depending on your provider.

addresses on the Internet work with domain names, but not with URLs. Port Scanning- Port Scanning is an activity, which by using a particular type of software gives the user the ability to scan the computer system of another internet user. It is important to take caution when opening attachmentsas viruses are easily hidden cmputers attachments.

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Trojan Horse - A Trojan horse is an "apparently useful program containing hidden functions that can exploit the privileges of the user [running the program], with a resulting security threat. There is "system software" that operates the machine itself such as the Windows computrrs MacOS operating systemsand there is "application software" for specific uses, or applications, such as word processing, playing games, or managing your money. E-mail[ edit ] was already partially explained when we talked about networks.

Computers chat rooms

IP - Internet Protocol - The computer language that allows computer programs to communicate over the internet. Loosely defined, it's made up of a set of instructions, also called "computer code," to be used on your hardware. Newsgroups or USENET- Discussion groups on the internet not on the Web, which is only one area of the internet that are broken down and categorised by subjects.

IRC - Internet Relay Chat - A part of the internet not on rloms Web that allows participants to " roojs " online in a live forum that usually centers around a common interest.

You can then move them into other mailboxes that you have created by drag-and-drop. See chatt. Byte - Bytes are a basic measurement of computer memory. See also Domain Name. Other services on the internet include Internet Relay Chat and Newsgroups.

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Chat-rooms are found on web s all over the place, some are public, and some you need a membership for. ISDN - Integrated Services Digital Network - A technology that allows you to connect to the internet over standard phone lines at speeds higher than a 56k modem allows. E-mail - Electronic Mail.

Then you can send them messages, chat with messages, or do other things. Remember to use tool-tips to find out what buttons with no labels are called.

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Your computer is connected to this server so that you receive only the Web s that are not filtered on the server. You can also usually invite other people on your list into an existing chat or messaging session so that you can have a little chat room with only people you want. IRC is the earliest form of online chat.

Computers chat rooms

Bit - The smallest piece of digital information understood by computers. You then type the text for your message into the big text box at the bottom. Usually applied to the internetwhere manners are enforced exclusively by fellow users. Hardware - The nuts, bolts, and wires of a computer and computer-related equipment, roomz the actual computer and related machines such as scanners and printers. Cookies contain information such as log-in or registration information, online "shopping cart" information your online buying patterns in a certain retail siteuser preferences, what site you came from last, etc.

See also " filtering software " Bookmark- A placeholder for interesting or frequently used Web sites, so that these sites can be revisited easily without having to remember or retype the internet address.

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Some filtering software allows the user to block certain kinds of information on the internet. Plug-in - A program that works with browsers to play audio and video. See also links. See also " filtering software " and " blocking software. Bandwidth is usually measured in bits per second, kilobits thousands of bits per second, or megabits millions of bits per second. Home - The first or document Web users see when connecting to a Web server or when visiting a Web site.

Cyberspace - A very general term used in a of ways.

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